Merry Christmas Everyone, but not you Westjet

Christmas 2016 Ho-ho-holy crap does Westjet suck…. : )

So our Christmas day flight (TO -> LA) was cancelled due to “Crew Shortages”… Now I’m good with a flight being cancelled, things happen… Oh but Westjet, every person we spoke to after it was cancelled told us a different story.

It went from an announcement saying “we will be meeting with each traveller to share your new itineraries”, to “they are working on scheduling a new flight for the 26th“, to just “go home”.

While all this was going on part of me felt bad for the staff of Westjet.  It honestly felt like a flight had never been cancelled before, they really had no idea what was happening. I keep joking with them that Atticus wanted Blue Santa to come out.

Is it okay that it drives me little crazy staff can’t handle a cancelled flight but each year they try to create a viral Christmas video? Westjet, how about a staff training video next Christmas?

Anyways, hugely disappointing experience with Westjet…  

During all this, I was ready to call it for the day but Theresa stuck with it and got us out to Boston and then on to LA on the 26th… Very proud of her!


  1. Aunt Gloria & Uncke George

    Yes, I would want to see the blue Santa as well. Good for Theresa to get you to Disney. Enjoy and have fun and be safe.

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