Atticus’ blog post #3

At North Beach, Mettams Pool

Living the Beach Life 

Mommy: What do you like doing in Australia?

Atticus: I like the beach. I like swimming in the deep with my floaties on and jumping in the waves with mommy and daddy.


At Cottesloe Beach
Sculptures by the Sea

Atticus has been telling jokes. 

What do you call a bear with no teeth?   A gummy bear. 

I read this article on Facebook saying going to the beach actually changes your brain for the better. I would have to agree with it. I think living so close to the ocean has been one of my top highlights of this adventure. 

School Life 

Mommy: Do you like school?

Atticus: Sometimes. Why can’t we have school 1 day and home 1 day, school 1 day and home 1 day? 

Mommy: I wish for that too buddy. 

Atticus has made some friends at school. He has 2 teachers. He likes playing with Daniel, Zack, Emerson, Michael and Olivia. At school he is learning how to write. They write with the New South Wales font. 

He is learning to do planks at school, and has plank competitions with daddy at home. On the way home from school, daddy and Atticus will stop at 3 parks to play before making it home. Atticus loves to draw and tell stories. Lately all his stories include a family of lady bugs and snowmen. The pre-primary curriculum is considerably different than the play-based learning at home, but Atticus seems to be adjusting to it. 

Last weekend we went to Yanchep National Park. It’s about 45 minutes north of Perth. We got to see koalas at the sanctuary. They aren’t native to Western Australia. Afterwards we went for  3km hike and had morning tea. 

Such gorgeous kids!
Koalas. They are nocturnal and all they do is sleep and eat. They eat eucalyptus leaves and it makes them drowsy, also it takes up to 5 days for them to digest the food.
handsome boys… Daddy and Atty. 


Update since this was posted (April 2017)

Atticus loves school now and thinks he should go  7 days a week. He likes seeing all his friends. 



  1. Jo Low

    Wow! Sounds like so much fun! Yes the beach has always been one of my very favourite places to be. Great blog Attie! Can’t wait to hear some more. Love Auntie Jo

  2. Lisa

    Love the update ! Beach sounds fabulous right now. Snow is almost all gone here …. ?

    1. LeafLeavers

      hope spring is just around the corner…I hope you are well!

  3. Important points in this post that we should know leaf leavers. This article would be a huge help. Thanks for sharing this one out.

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