Skipping School….. Parks, Biking, AQWA

Hi Everyone… We recognise we haven’t blogged for a while and now you can enjoy 3 posts all at once. 

So Atticus’ dream of perfect attendance is dead! I’ve forced (haha) him to stay home and hang out with me here and there. Getting him on his bike is still a battle but he is getting pretty fast. If you like your bike Perth is built for you, hardly a road that doesn’t have either a bike lane if not its’ own path. 

We pass 3 playgrounds while walking to and from school… He has mastered most of them but is still working on sliding down a pole, and he is a touch small to reach the monkey bars. The parks here are very well maintained, they even have a machine and a team that cleans the sand.  

We have a great spot to fly kite Sharky… 

Visiting AQWA (Aquarium of Western Australia) 

We visited Toronto’s aquarium only once and it was great, however it was packed, painfully busy! Perth’s aquarium is 20 years older, but we also had the place pretty much to ourselves! The staff was following us around to show us stuff which was amazing! Also, something about an aquarium that sits ocean side just seems a little more fitting. 


Finding Nemo 

Not so sure about the lobsters. 

Finding Dory bouncy castle, haha.

Captaining his first ship! The aquarium is next to Hillarys Marina. I looked at some of the boats and they seem to be right side drive, like at home. 

Humpback whale… Now his favorite whale.

Ghost town, just us and the fish… 




  1. Jo

    Second last photo you got yerself a mini me there Paul! 🙂

  2. Lori

    It was crazy busy when we went to Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto too so I can appreciate how great having the AQWA to yourself must have been ! My fav pic is the one of Atticus and Sharky. Atticus looks so grown up in the last picture. Enjoy reading about your adventures.

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