Atticus blogpost #2

Atticus what are some of your favourite activities in Australia? 

I like the thing that goes round and round. I like playing hide and seek. I like the beach cuz I get to jump waves. I like the train. 

The thing that goes round and round at Elizabeth Quay
My Radiator Springs @ home
This tree is pretty because it has pink flowers. @ the park near our house
I like playing at the park @ Elizabeth Quay

This tree is so big! @ Margaret River
I like jumping in the waves @ North Beach

What are some things you don’t like? 

I don’t like bug bites, too itchy. I don’t like too much walking. 

School has started. Atticus is going 5 days a week. On his first day, he came home saying he ate all his lunch and he hasn’t met any friends yet.


  1. Cindy Stephens

    Enjoying living vicariously

  2. Cheryl Wood Creeden

    Thanks to Aunt Donna, I’ve had a chance to see your blog 🙂 It looks like you are having a grand adventure. I feel fortunate that, thanks to technology, I can get a feel for it.

    Let the Australians know the people of the United States really do hold them in high regard.

    How did you get to be 41? (I know, one day at a time.)

    And wow, Atticus is much taller than I imagined. Of course, he is also older. Got to figure out those Dickinson reunions.

    Hugs –


  3. Sara Dickinson

    You all look so happy and healthy! What an awesome adventure, and a great way to share it with family and friends. Enjoy!

    Love, Sara

  4. LeafLeavers

    It’s so great to hear from everyone!! We are glad you are enjoying our blog posts!!

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