Summer 2019 Road Trip – Quebec

Day 1

First week of summer holidays and our wee family of 3 took a drive to Quebec. First day we drove around 500 km/ 6 hours and made it to our first destination… Parc Omega in Montebello, Quebec.

I keep telling people it was like doing a Canadian safari. We drive 12 km of nature routes through forests, valleys, and rocky hills. We saw deer, caribou, foxes, wolves, bears and a moose.

The deer comes right up to your car in hopes that you will feed them carrots. You can buy a bag of carrots before entering for $3/bag.
We stayed one night in this tent-like yurt at the park. There are walking trails throughout and we got to see them feed the wolves and bears in the evening. Next time we like to stay in the log cabins that overlook the wolf den.


Day 2 – Driving to Quebec City

The next morning we woke early and drove around Parc Omega again. It’s like a different drive each time because we got to see different animals. It got busier as the day went on and cars/buses were stopped to feed the animals. It didn’t seem as natural anymore but we are so glad we made this stop.

Then we drove for about 4 hours (365 km) to Quebec City. We spent 2 nights here. We walked around Old Quebec, La Citadelle de Quebec and swam in the hotel pool a lot because it was hot… humidex at 35-39 C.


Change of the guards at La Citadelle de Quebec.
We took a walking tour and there were so many people. Here we are overlooking St. Lawrence River. Funny thing is Paul ran into someone he used to work with from Barrie.
Got bit by something (spider?) so my trip included stops at the pharmacy for meds and keeping an eye on this bug bite. Not fun!! *update It wasn’t life-threatening.


Day 5 – Quebec City to Mt. Tremblant

I love poutine and sometimes I crave it so much that I go to McDonald’s for poutine. And I probably over analyzed where to eat the best poutine too much. I made my family drive out of the way into a small town that claims to be the birthplace of poutine… Drummondville. Got to love my husband for going with my crazy ideas… so I can eat poutine. He really knows his way to my heart… through my stomach. YUM!!

This is no ordinary poutine… Whiskey-infused gravy on real cheese curds and fresh potatoes. My mouth is watering…
Atticus’ review on the poutine. I think he’s way harsh. I give 2 thumbs up!!

Mt. Tremblant

After our discourse for poutine our 4 hour trip ended up being around 6 hours due to traffic through Montreal. We made it into Mt. Tremblant in time for dinner in the village. We stayed here for one night… probably should have stayed for two.

Blues festival, mini-putting, eating ice cream were the highlights

Day 6

Going home 566 km – 6 hours turned into 8 hours home. Overall the trip was great. I would definitely go back to Quebec City, maybe in the winter and skiing at Tremblant would be awesome.

going a little crazy…


  1. Grandma

    Great story. So glad
    You blogged so we knew better all you did .

  2. Andrea

    Looks like such a fun trip. Can’t believe the size of that bite!! Ouch.

  3. Lori Todd

    Great blog ! Love that tent – very cool. Charles is jealous that you went to a Blues Festival. That was some hideous bug bite.

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