Xenses Park

Xenses park by Xcaret

We got on the bus and headed to Xenses Park. There are many Xcaret parks and attractions. We chose this one because it was recommended and it is a half day adventure. When you arrive you get a bracelet that you can scan and get a pictures taken at each activity. Sometimes we knew what the picture would look like but most of the time we didn’t.

Our family loved the waterslide and flying like a bird. Atticus and Paul liked how one street made us felt like everything was opposite. For example, although it looked like we were walking up a hill, we were really walking down. The little stream was flowing up. The mud river was Atticus liked all the illusions. I liked the path of complete darkness, where it was pitch black and with only our sense of touch and hearing, we walked through different biomes. Although we did lose Atticus for a few minutes. Luckily the staff were able to ensure his safety while Paul and I finished the path of darkness.

Who knows maybe next time we book Mexico we will look more at the Xcaret resort.







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