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Hi Everyone…

Buying food in Perth has been generally pricier than home. There are no Walmarts or Costcos here, which we are okay with. It is a quick walk to an IGA but usually we end up driving to Coles or Woolworths (similar to Zehrs). Shopping for home supplies we found Target and K-Mart and there are no Dollar Stores here. We are finding all our basic foods. We aren’t sure about the Vegemite but love the Tim Tams. On the weekends we have been going to the markets to buy fruit and vegetables. The prices are equivalent to the stores or sometimes even lower. 

Here are some pics… 

Do they sell peanut butter oreos at home?? Cause they should.
Atticus likes Rice Bubbles.
Pop is on sale.. regular is $28/case
$46 for a case of Coors Light…Stella’s are on sale $39!! 
they have drive-thru “bottle shops”

Atticus starts school soon. We had to buy him uniforms, shirts and shorts for now then winter gear later. He has to have a hat with wide brim for sun cover, “No hat, no play!”

Then we had to buy him school supplies to begin pre-primary. It’s quite the list with specifics on types of pencils, crayons, markers, folders and books + cleaning supplies, kleenex and paper towels. 

here we are waiting at the uniform shop


  1. Blaire

    They have their priorities right in beer 🙂

    1. Nancy

      and I love that Coke is crazy priced! (nothing like price to discourage drinking that stuff!) Stick with the beer!

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