Road trip: Sydney to Brisbane

Along the East Coast – NSW to Queensland

We rented a car and made our way north along the east coast. Paul organised the trip itinerary. We took our time and took 4 days to get to Brisbane. 

First stop was Australian Reptile Park just 60 minutes from Sydney. We enjoyed our time at this hands-on zoo. 

Jurassic Park?? 
Itsy Bitsy Spider…

Petting a kangaroo
some of the most deadliest reptiles live in Australia…

Afterwards we took the scenic route through New Castle and stayed in Nelson Bay, NSW for 2 nights. We were there over the Easter long weekend. On Good Friday most places were closed and anything that was open was charging a 15%-20% holiday surcharge. 

Since we missed out on some winter tobogganing this year we made our way to Toboggan Hill Park . It had lots of activities for families to partake. We went on a tractor train ride, walked through a maze, mini-putting and of course the toboggan ride (which Paul and Atticus did 5 times). 

Up 300 m…Paul and Atticus went ahead and Viv is right behind.
Waiting to go down the 1 km track with 11 bends. We were able to control the speed of the car. Grandma is such a good-sport. 

Third night we stayed at Port McQuarie, NSW. It is a great coastal town nestled in along Hasting River and the Pacific Ocean. The weather was getting more humid and warm as we headed north, temperatures were around 23-25 C. We walked around the town in the evening and found a nice restaurant that catered to kids for dinner then had ice cream for our walk back to the hotel. 

Swim in the pool or beach? We chose the pool. What a view!!

Crossing the state line NSW to Queensland

Easter Sunday, Atticus woke up to a few chocolates and gifts from the Easter Bunny. Next stop, Gold Coast, Queensland which is a 6 hour drive. 

Here we are stopping at Coffs Harbour to stretch our legs and walk along the water. We ventured up to Mutton Island Nature Reserve to enjoy some great views. 

picking hydroponic strawberries..Atticus ate about 20 of them. YUM! *warning don’t feed excessive amount of strawberries to children when you’re on a road trip
6 hr car ride was hard for all of us, Atticus was truly a champ. Grandma kept him occupied with lots of stories and songs.

Fourth night we stayed at Surfer’s Paradise in Gold Coast, Queensland. We stayed on the 33rd floor in a hotel situated in the centre of Surfer’s Paradise. The street performers’ festival was happening and the streets were lined up with people from all over the world. It had a great vibe and was pretty touristy. Great for young people to party it up. 

countdown to the 2018 Commonwealth Games at Gold Coast
Surfer’s Paradise

Next destination is Brisbane, Queensland.


  1. Lori

    Another interesting read. I’d love to pet a kangaroo – was a tiny bit jealous when I saw that pic ! The tobogann ride looked really fun. And that pool – so beautiful ! Hope you are all well.

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