Albany & Denmark, WA

Over the long weekend for Western Australia Day, we traveled 5 hours south to Albany and Denmark. We drove down Friday night and stayed 3 nights. The weather was a bit unpredictable, it called for rain but it was more cloudy and windy. Then the second and third day was nice and hot. This area reminded me of driving around Ireland. 

The Gap and Natural Bridge

The Aboriginal people have occupied Australia for over 60,000 years. Here is  dreaming story. Two brothers were in love with the same woman. The elders wouldn’t have it and had each brother stand on either side of the Gap. One threw a spear as the other threw a boomerang. Both died and fell into the water. The one struck by the boomerang became a shark and the one killed by the spear became a stingray. 

The history of the Aboriginal people is very similar to Canada’s. Although there are efforts to show respect towards the Aboriginal people, there is still some hostility and uneasiness among some groups of people. 

The Gap
Natural Bridge

The blow holes… 


All aboard the Brig Amity, a replica 
Captain Atticus 
heading down…
over 60 convicts slept in these tight quarters down below
a tour of the old gaol (prison), the convicts arrived and built their own prisons
The first convoy of Australian and New Zealand (ANZAC) troops departed from Albany. 
For many, Albany was their last sight of Australia. Lest We Forget


This guy is a pretty good car-rider, as long as he has his cars. 
Valley of the Giants, Tree Top walk, Walpole. We are at the highest point of the Tree Top Walk. 
high up in the giant trees

We stopped at Elephant Rocks Cider. They have the best burgers and a Chilli Apple cider with a hint of jalapeños plus free samples of toffee. It was a great place for lunch after the tree top walk. 

Elephant Rocks, Denmark 

Greens Pool, gorgeous swimming spot and beautiful white sand. We would love to come back in the summer. 
Waterfall beach
trying to be artsy… 


  1. Paul

    Trying to be artsy, come on you nailed that one!
    Shout out again to Atticus who was a real trooper in the car! Great guy to have along for a, driving at dusk Roo watch and a true iSpy master!
    Great road trip!

  2. LeafLeavers

    I have to also add, the burgers at Man Elephant Rock Cider / The Toffee Factory…. Best I can remember! “It starts with a 200 gram all beef patty!”, 200 grams, haha, they are true metric here.

  3. Grandma

    Your blogs are great as are the pictures. I had You Tubed your Albany trip and had seen some of those sites. And Atticus has new shoes? He’s good with the picture taking now, too. Looked like a lovely time.

  4. Jo

    Elephant rocks and a natural bridge look cool!!! Looks a little chillier than previous pics. XX

  5. Lori

    Interesting “two brothers” story. The elephant rocks are really neat. Great pics – my fav is the one of Mom and Atticus on the rocks (the blow holes).

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