Spring Fever

Spring has sprung… 

The temperatures started getting warmer in October and now heading into the 30s. I asked Alex, my friend living in Perth, “where can I go to see wildflowers?” She responded with a giggle, “It’s all around you” And she was right. There is an abundance of wild flowers here which we are not allowed to pick, unless you are Aboriginal. I work with an Aboriginal liaison at my school and she enjoys walking through the bush to collect flowers to make the most beautiful bouquets. 

Here I am playing with different options on my camera. Enjoy my collection of wildflowers starting in September and onwards… 

this bush is in our backyard, it reminds of cherry blossoms in Japan


With warmer temperatures, it means we can start going to the beach. We spent a day out on the boat with some friends on Swan River. 

Atticus and Paul are riding the tube on one of the first hot weekends in September
The skyline is Perth.. we are south of the city

Finally, spring also means high pollen count. I normally suffer from hay fever at home, here my symptoms are heightened on high days but on extreme days, it’s a whole new level I have never experienced before. Bring on the antihistamines + decongestants, which I have to purchase with government issued identification here. Supposedly people use it to make illegal drugs. 


  1. Lori

    Great pictures of the colourful wildflowers – I especially love the blue/purple flowers. I’m sure Paul and Atticu had lots of fun riding that water tube. Hope your hay fever isn’t too horrible this week. Another interesting blog Teresa ! Cold and snow here now so enjoy that warm weather.

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