Coral Coast Road Trip continues…

Shark Bay World Heritage Area

From Coral Bay we drove 6 hours to Denham and stayed 2 nights. We found a nice Airbnb with very welcoming hosts. 

Long stretches of driving between towns 
The earth changed along the drive
At Hamelin Pool – the world of living marine stromatolite (I might need a marine biologist to explain the significance of this place) It was a nice stop otherwise.
Our backyard for 2 nights

Denham also known as Shark Bay is a small town. Tourism is the main industry. We collected a lot of shells as we walked along the water towards the main strip of town. One major tourist spot is visiting Monkey Mia to see the dolphins get fed. We woke up before sunrise that morning and waited for the dolphins, because it was school holidays there were about 300 other people waiting as well. Feeding times begin at 7:30 am until noon. There are 3 feedings between those times. The first feeding is the most busiest then people leave. We stayed for 2 feedings and it was enough. 

This guy is a volunteer and gets to pick people from the crowd to help feed the dolphin. Sadly we didn’t get picked. 
The Monkey Mia dolphins have been coming for over 50 years. There are 5 females who are protected and fed. Some of the offspring visit throughout the year. 

We also visited Ocean Park Aquarium; we went on a guided tour with an expert in marine biology and learned a lot about their native fish. Did you know a lot of fish can change genders? In a clown fish community, there is only 1 female and if that female dies, a male clown fish will turn into a female for reproducing. So in Finding Nemo, when the mom died the dad should have turned into a female and reproduced with her son.. that would have made an interesting Pixar movie. 

Atticus loved watching little Nemo
Nervous sharks… they are very timid and not scary at all
Our guide was very passionate about sharing the importance of shark education, rather than fearing them and killing them off learn how sharks contribute to the marine world. 

This guy is a great on road trips. 
We’re putting a lot of kms on our lil’ car

Next stop Kalbarri…. 


  1. Lori

    Another educational read ! Interesting about fish having the ability to change genders. I can understand why Pixar decided to go the way they did ! LOL. The backyard of the Airbnb is really nice.

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