Atticus’ blog post #5

5 more months… 

Atticus counted 5 months until we come home. He’s looking forward to seeing Winnie. Last I heard from Chantal, Winnie is doing very well. She’s enjoying some time at the cottage with the Warriner family and goes for a lot of runs with Chantal and her new friend Neila. 

Winter sports… 

Atticus has been playing soccer each week. The program runs for 18 weeks. These are the 5 & 6 year olds. They do some skills in the beginning but then just play 2v2 or 3v3 for the hour. 

Atticus loves kicking the ball and running

He’s also been busy with lots of birthday parties. All of his friends are turning 6 now. The cut off date for school is June 30th to determine what grade you go in. Atticus’ teacher made a comment that Atticus enjoys the social side of play. That’s teacher talk for saying he’s a social butterfly. Atticus loves going to school so he can play with his friends. 

Even though it is winter, we get outside as much as we can. 

60 stars for this playground. I like bringing my cars to slide down the slide. Mummy loves the beach view.” 
Atticus rates Cars 3… 15 stars. He didn’t like that Lightning crashes but he likes Cruz Ramirez. He gives 100 stars for the ending. We are now working on collecting the Cars 3 cars… we will need another suitcase. 
We got to walk through this old train tunnel. We had to use daddy’s phone as a flashlight. He gives it 95 stars.
A Koala snuggling with a baby
Kerry and Ben took us out to Caversham Wildlife Park. 
Atticus got to pet a koala, feed kangaroos, milk a cow and watch a sheep get sheared. 
“This ride is 10 stars. I liked how they shovelled the coal to make it run.”
“This is me feeding a kangaroo and I named him Itchy” 
Being 100 and going to school for 100th day is tough work.


  1. Jo Low

    So great! Thanks Atticus for making me laugh with your hundred day photo! Love the Thomas mug. Your rating system is super. Boy you are really getting to have some interesting experiences. I would LOVE to see a kangaroo. Miss you! Big hug and give one to Mummy and daddy for me too!

  2. Kate Ballantyne

    So great! It looks like you’re having a blast, even if it is “winter”!
    I love Atticus’ rating system. Very effective!
    Enjoy the remaining 5 months!!

  3. Grandma

    Great pictures and the best story ever….such a good rating system!! And so nice to see Kerry and Ben!! Skye and I will be getting together for lunch soon!! We were talking about our reunions…and Lori was remembering the burnt pizza and how upset Atticus was…although I know that was a lot of tiredness!! She was loving the memories of the angry talk from Atticus to you Paul. We had a good laugh!!!

  4. Lori

    It was so great to hear that Winnie is doing well and has even made a new friend ! I think walking through an old train tunnel would be scary but Atticus gave it 95 stars so it must have been fun, not scary. Love the picture of a Koala snuggling with its baby – that is so adorable ! “Itchy” is a great name for the kangaroo – I’m guessing he must have been scratching a lot.

  5. Claire Brundle

    That last picture of 100 yo Atticus is hilarious! I love the joy on his face!! <3

    Atticus we know you're having a great time, but we're looking forward to you coming home too! Until then enjoy every minute.

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