Atticus’ blogpost #4: Bali

For our Term 3 holidays, we went to Bali for 7 days. 

What do you like about our trip to Bali? 

Atticus: I liked flying on the airplane and Shirley Temples.

What did you enjoy doing? 

Atticus: Feeding Koi Fish, Swimming and seeing the monkeys. I also like the cabana. 

We paid 5000 IRP = $0.50 for fish food.
Atticus says 2 thumbs up for swimming with floaties.
“I have my eye on you… no monkey business” (courtesy of Blaire)


we got to hang out in the cabanas on the left

Every day while we are out, housekeeping would make sure Atticus’ stuffys had a new friend. 

Meet Ellie the Elephant. Atticus’ favourite!
Piggy (but I think it’s a dog)
Crocky the Crocodile (wearing daddy’s glasses)..hee hee

Atticus got to feed Koi fish 3 times, eat pancakes and ice cream every day, and drink Shirley Temples at the swim up bar. What a lucky kid! 




  1. Jo Low

    Fantastic Blog! So much fun to read. so sorry you weren’t well and that i am so lousy at contacting you. Maybe we can chat this weekend? Miss ya hon Love Jo

  2. Lori

    Still remember having Shirley Temples when I was little – they were yummy and made you feel pretty special ! Charles and I have been on a few cruises and I always loved coming back to our cabin each night to see what “towel creature” was waiting for us ! They are fun ! The place you stayed looks beautiful ! Looks like another great adventure for you guys !

  3. Blaire

    Getting caught up on your posts. Looks like a great trip in Bali! Well done. Atticus will be able to look back and remember years from now!

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