Boys Trip – Singapore Day 1


Boys Trip! Singapore…. A quick 5 hour flight from Perth, Atticus and I escape for some boys’ time… 

Theresa, my love… 

So beautiful and even nice enough to drop us off at the airport for 6am!

So it was late afternoon by the time Atticus and I were ready to hit the town… Our first stop the Singapore Flyer 

The worlds second largest observation wheel (2 meters smaller then LasVegas)… Atticus is not a huge fan of heights unless “there is a roof” 

Yep not problem staring straight down! The wheel is right above the finish line and pits for the Singapore Formula One race when it is in town. 

All smiles! 

Incredible sky line… While Singapore is one of the smallest countries in the world it is skyscrapers for as far as the eye can see..

Never have I seen so many cargo ships! Those two buildings along the shore are conservatories, one of the many attractions we missed! 

Huge passenger….. cars? I understand why they call it an observation wheel and not a ferris wheel! 


Atticus’s verdict on our first attraction… One sideways thumb, one thumb up…. 

Out of adventurous spirit…. Don’t judge us, we had walk for miles and it was so hot! 40 with the humidity! I did try the Samurai Burger, was pretty good, the hottest McDonalds I’ve ever had! 

No cups for ketchup, little plates! 




  1. Aunt Sheilalalala

    Wow…what a great 5 day trip. Kind Id love …fun kids stuff. You are lucky Atticus is such a good traveller and eater. Good sport all around. Love your affectionate comments of Atticus and Theresa. Thanks for the tour of Singapore.

  2. Lori

    Singapore ? Wow ! We went on the observation wheel in Las Vegas and I’ll admit it was a bit scary so Atticus was pretty brave for a little guy ! I love my ketchup and love those little plates – they make the ketchup seem “fancy”. Another interesting blog.

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