Boys Trip – Singapore Day 5

Day 5… 

We are packed up and ready, the plan  – Use our last little bit of time on the Hop on / off and head to Marina Bay to see the hotel / Garden by the Bay and the Art Science Museum… 


Singapore style soft boiled eggs…. Wow, not for me. 

The Sky Park on top is the size of 2 football fields 

Floating football field… Yep largest floating field in the World. 

Helix bridge, has a DNA design to it. Very impressive at night as part of the Marina Bay light show. 

You can colour in pictures and scan them then they come up on the screen, this is Atticus’ first truck.

Right in the middle, hard at work colouring underwater creatures. 

Touching his drawing 

The Museum is in the shape of a flower and all the rain water is collected…. 

Packed up and ready 

Pool in the airport, great idea! 

We were pretty much the only ones using the pool 

That was it! Security right at the gate and home to Theresa! 



  1. Grandma

    wonderful stories and memories. Loving your blogs!!!

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