Boys Trip – Singapore Day 4

Day 4…. Today’s plan was the Hop On Hop Off bus, a favorite of mine in the past, but the past few cities I’ve visited tour guides have been replaced by recordings which I hate… If you are reading this Mr Hop On/Off shame on you. 

Atticus found a “game” in the underground which became a must stop…

We hopped off the bus to tour the Botanical Gardens… Last night’s storm has not cooled things down and today it hover close to the mid 40’s.  Here is Atticus still at peace, haha…

The orchids were huge and everywhere!

No longer at peace…. too hot!

The streets were lined with Christmas lights…

President’s house, it has a nine hole golf course and it the only part of the city not surrounded by skyscrapers. 

Love me some Asian food… Really looking forward to Hong Kong on the way home! 

Touring Little India, Atticus is asleep and not happy…

The jewelry store was packed with gold…. They spoke of it coming from mines in Australia, which I was just at… Kalgoorlie

The city was so well organized and behaved! Everyone staying left on the escalator! Singapore is known for some outrageous laws, such as it is a $500 fine if you are caught not flushing the toilet. 

Just everywhere these amazing orchids! 

Yes, sorry… More food! 


  1. Judy Irwin

    Hi Paul!
    Your photos are amazing, as is your commentary! Nice to see what you and Atticus are up to.

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