Mish-Mash of Fun

I had the pleasure to host a baby shower for my childhood friend, Alex. The theme was a garden tea party. We were fortunate to have such a great backyard and great weather that day. I have Kerry to thank for all the great decoration ideas and assistance. Even Jamie was put to work while she was here. 

so fortunate I get to be with this gal all year… I can’t wait to meet little baby Urbanski.

Then we were off to Busselton. Three families traveled south for the weekend. Great weather, great company and great location. 

At the Busselton Jetty and checking out the underwater aquarium. This time we took the train down the jetty.
so thankful to have gal pals here…
The kids played well together. We will miss these moments.

December 1st is the first day of summer here. People are also getting into the festive spirit. Shops have been playing Christmas music since October and decorations/lights are up in many places. I find it hard to make the connection of Christmas in the summer, but as I browse through the shops for the perfect ugly Christmas “T-shirt” and sporting “thongs” (flip flops) I will embrace these summer days by either hanging by a pool, beach and cool drinks/hot eats by the barbie. 

Enjoying Hawker’s Market on a Friday evening in the CBD.
Also walking along the Christmas light trail in CBD to get into the spirit.
Christmas light tunnel
happy guy walking in the CBD at night…


  1. Lori

    The garden tea party looks beautiful and the Christmas light rail is so pretty. Must be strange trying to get into the Chrismas spirit in warm weather. Sure wish it was warm here.

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