Atticus’ blogpost #6

We are 2 weeks away from leaving Perth… 

Mommy: What do you like most about Australia?

Atticus: The quokkas and kangaroos.

Mommy: What are you going to miss about Australia?

Atticus: The tree kangaroos. Michael, Daniel and Emerson. 

Mommy: What do you look forward to about going home? 

Atticus: Seeing Winnie. 

Atticus started tennis lessons this term. We chose tennis only because it was walking distance from our home. He seems to like it enough. Here he is with his coach, Nick. 

“I like doing the airplane swing so I can hit it up high”

All students from pre-primary to Year 6 participate in 2 weeks of swimming lessons each year. The Year 6s learn to swim on the beach. Atticus’ class had swimming lessons at the beginning of term 4. We had to prepare Atticus with changing and drying himself off properly. I admire the teachers for taking out 20+ 5 and 6 years on a bus to go swimming. I imagine the transitions would have been difficult. But those swimming lessons and a pair of goggles had given Atticus new confidence. We are so proud of him. 

This is Atticus in Singapore swimming with his daddy. Prior to the lessons, he didn’t like going under water. 

It was a hot night for trick or treating. About every 5 house had candy in our neighbourhood.
hot day wearing his jumper … we’re so used to putting on the snowsuit underneath the Halloween costume
$10 pumpkin to carve…that’s a deal since we bought it the night before
Atticus chose to be a mouse from a show he likes to watch on YouTube .. Rat-a-tat.




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