Only Visitor…

Hi Everyone… Here is the tale of our only visitor to date… all are welcome and I will plan your itinerary.

This is the story of a 70-ish year old traveler with a broken foot.

Really we knew her trip was all about… visiting her grandson! Despite that we kept her busy and made sure she got some rest in as well. 

having a rest in the backyard at home (in Perth)

After our travels out east, we were all in need of some rest and relaxation. Grandma stayed with us for 2 weeks in Perth. She was happily enough with a good book and taking it easy but we dragged her out to a few spots in the area.

Kings Park 

Rottnest Island 

Featuring quokkas, the world’s favorite marsupial

Atticus meeting a quokka… he really wanted to take one home as a pet. 
Quokkas is the only mammal native to Rottnest Island.

It’s about a 30 minute express ferry ride to Rottnest.

Tour of Fremantle and City Beach 

Swan Valley 

Visit to Yanchep National Park  

Located about 40 minutes from our house. The park features a Koala Sanctuary, caves, and of course roos if the time is right. 

Heading into the Koala Sanctuary

Tour of Crystal Cave 

Sunshine into a pool 

Atticus showing the tour guide how it’s done.

Heading out, it is a great tour about 45 minutes long. 


Indian Ocean and the Moore River. I’ve written about this before it is just such an incredible spot. The day we spent there with Viv was cold, and only the Canadians were swimming! 

Candle-lit farewell dinner in our backyard

A special menu consisting of local red wine and perfectly seasoned and grilled kangaroo steaks. The reviews are in “It wasn’t nearly disgusting as I thought it would be” – Vivien Dickinson! haha 

Signing off,

Paul & Theresa



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