Final Countdown- Term 4

End of the school year is always busy and it holds true in Australia as well. The weather is warming up and summer begins December 1st. Summer and Christmas coincide with one another with Christmas decorations being sold along side with the swimming toys and bbq/picnic items. We won’t be here to celebrate an Aussie Christmas but traditions range from a turkey dinner to seafood on the barbie depending on family backgrounds. 

My Winter Wonderland
The final piece of writing sharing about the best part of ourselves inspired by the book “The Best Part of Me”

Best part of me 2017  – click on the link to see our finished product

The last term was exactly like May and June at home filled with assessing, reporting and finishing up the year exhaustion. By week 5 we all seemed to be in countdown mode. 

Week 7 and 8 middle and upper primary went swimming. My year 3/4 class had swimming lessons at the end of the day for 2 weeks. I enjoyed escorting my students to the local recreation centre on those days. It is very well-managed and organised program. I saw another side of my students during the lessons and so much growth in just 2 weeks. I think schools at home should do more swimming lessons with students.

In week 8 the Arts teachers put on an Arts night to showcase the artwork and music talent of the entire school. At Joondalup we showcased all abilities and talents including athletics, coding and the arts. It was a good turnout from the community. 

Seeing Shawn Mendes with my Canadian student and his mom
#ProudCanadian #ILoveStitches

Week 9 and 10 I felt the “busy”ness of year end on a new level. Normally at home, I could dedicate Christmas activities around Christmas and then year end activities in June. As I approach the last couple of weeks of school I realised I can’t do it all. Many classroom have gone all out with Christmas decorations by the end of November. I waited until Dec. 1 to get all Christmasy and that left me 2 weeks until the last day of school. We ended the year with a Christmas party and moving classrooms. 

Christmas party
Moving classrooms… always a drag. But I did leave it looking better than this. 

A bittersweet end, saying farewell was difficult for my students and to know I won’t see them again was hard. At the same time I was looking forward to going home and the end of the school year so I was riding the emotional roller coaster. 

sweet gifts from my sweet students

Thank you to the Joondalup staff for welcoming me and supporting me through a tough but rewarding year. To my students who embraced my Canadian teaching ways and wanted to learn, I appreciate our year together. Until we meet again… Ms. Lau signing off. Cheers! 


  1. Grandma

    Read this again. Loved the comments made by your students…with pictures even!! And especially liked your comments about your nose. I was smiling and wondering how it compares with Atticus’ nose.

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